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Referral Program, Facebook Contest Announced

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

SkilTech Computer Services is pleased to announce a new referral program, effective immediately.

Anyone who refers a new client will now receive a token of our appreciation in the form of a gift card!  Know a business in need of a website? Send them our way and you could be filling your gas tank on us, or eating at a favorite local restaurant!

We’re also introducing a second chance to win. “Like” SkilTech on Facebook and you’ll be entered to win a monthly drawing for a gift card to an area business.

Winners of the Facebook promotion will be selected at random from among our Fans.  You can’t win if you don’t “Like” us, so become a fan today!


SkilTech Adds New Services

August 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Elkton, MD — SkilTech Web Design and Hosting is no more.  We’re changing our identity to SkilTech Computer Services, effective September 1, to better reflect our expanded services.

While we’re still the people to see if you need a custom designed website or reliable, inexpensive web hosting, we’re now your regional source for home computer repair.  Beginning September 1, our technicians will be available for in-home service on your PC or Mac computer and peripherals.

“While there are a lot of companies providing computer repair services, it’s our belief that the home and home office market is under-served,” said John Skilton, President of SkilTech, Inc.  “The few companies that do provide in-home service are often very costly and focused on upselling additional equipment.  We won’t fix your computer and then try to sell you a washer and dryer.  Plus, we believe our pricing is more within the comfort zone of most consumers.”

Service hours can be scheduled on weekdays, but are also available on evenings and weekends.  The service area currently includes New Castle County, DE, Cecil and Harford County, MD, and neighboring sections of Pennsylvania.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 410-996-0040 or toll-free at 888-321-1762.

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Flash websites – The Good & the Bad

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If you are planning on putting up a Flash website, or possibly doing a redesign with Flash, here’s some of the negatives that come along with it. Being educated about the type of web design you choose before you choose it is always a positive.

Bandwidth and Speed Limitations Unless the designer works very hard to optimize Flash most Flash applications and websites can be very large and slow to download. In many situations, the entire Flash site must be downloaded before it can be used. And while it is possible to add in graphical countdowns and other features to make the time pass more quickly, many people still won’t wait.

Usability is impaired One of the most important buttons on a Web browser is the back button. It is used all the time by most people browsing the Web. But a Flash site typically removes that functionality. When a customer hits the back button after delving deeply into a Flash site, s/he is taken back to the website they were on before they visited your site. Then if they return to your Flash site, they have to renavigate to where they were. Some people might be willing to do their work twice, but most won’t.

Accessibility is also impaired Because most Flash sites are based on images, and don’t generally have a lot of alternative text, they can be very difficult or impossible for a screen reader to read.

Search engines can’t read them either Search engine spiders are a lot like screen readers, they can’t parse images. Plus, many of them have trouble following links that are not standard HTML links – and most links in Flash are not in HTML – they are in Flash. Because of this, many Flash developers have a very difficult time getting their Flash sites to rank high in search engines. In fact, most Flash sites that do rank well, do so because they have two versions of the site – one Flash and one HTML. And then they have to maintain two copies of the same website.

Flash requires a plug-in While a large proportion of Web browsers have the plug-in pre-installed, the fact is that Flash does require a plug-in which some people and companies don’t allow.

Some people just don’t like Flash pages Similar to sound and animated graphics, Flash has developed a reputation among some customers as being more of an annoyance than a benefit to a Web page. This is especially true when the Flash serves no purpose other than to decorate a page – such as an animated banner or splash page. While these customers may be less common than those who don’t care, they are often more vocal and more likely to sway opinion away from your site if you use Flash gratuitously.

Jennifer Kyrnin – Web Design / HTML Guide


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