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Five Essential Steps for Website Redesign

Change is the only constant in this rapidly changing business world and nothing manifests it better than the Internet. Initially, the internet was one dimensional, but now, with the advent of Web 2.0 and all its interactive capabilities, the internet has become a multi-dimensional, interactive and dynamic ocean of communication and knowledge sharing. If that wasn’t enough, a truly revolutionary Web 3.0 is taking shape forcing websites to look closely inwards and find out whether they are ready to face the new challenges.

Under these circumstances, companies or businesses need to make their websites be up with the times. Updating websites and if required, redesigning them, is now becoming a necessity to make websites get noticed amidst the cut-throat competition.

Step 1: Understand the reason behind redesigning the website

Why would you redesign an exisiting and perhaps even established website? A website design should be revamped if it fails to reflect the changes in the vision or strategies of the company.  A change in the business direction and needs of the company also requires the website to be made capable of handling those new demands.

Step 2: Test the website’s current usability

Do your homework before jumping into a web redesign project. Analyze web traffic data and feedback from users to get a fair idea of the website’s problems from the user’s point of view.  Online surveys, face-to-face interviews, or usability tests can also be used to understand the needs and expectations of the target audience.

Step 3: Treat the redesign as a project

A website redesign can be a major undertaking requiring proper budget, time, and resource management. Each redesign project needs clearly defined budget, schedules, and resources. It is important to set up realistic schedules to avoid aggressive timelines, which can compel designers to take short cuts or bypass necessary consultation.

Step 4: Refurbish the content

While redesigning, don’t forget to review your website’s content. Based on users’ expectations and needs, review and reorganize the text and graphics.  It is important to realize that your search engine performance can be greatly affected by the text content you have chosen.

Step 5: Implement a Content Management System

Since the needs and the aspirations of the target audience will always change, along with the progress in technology, there will always be a constant need to update the website’s content. Hence, it is best to equip the website with a proper maintenance tool, namely a Content Management System (CMS). This will make the next redesign a much easier task because you will be able to focus on the core design elements as the content will already be in an up-to-date state.

There will be certain sections in the site which will require constant updating such as blogs, company news, updated service offerings, career opportunities, etc. Therefore it’s prudent to plan out ongoing maintenance with your web designing company.

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