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So Just How Clean is Your Computer?

In this age of technological advances the computer has become a battlefront for developers to protect your computer from the ever present threat of computer viruses. In the war between hackers and developers there has been a surprising new twist which has come to light. This is not a battle for control of the internal circuitry of your machine, but an onslaught of airborne armies of bacteria, viruses, and organisms attempting to sabotage your machine.  Some laboratory studies have demonstrated that computer keyboards and peripherals contain much higher levels of bacteria than most people realize.

Unfortunately, in today’s technology dependent environment, the typical office has become a hostile arena for all IT equipment. Malfunction, reduced productivity, and even lost data are all too often caused by dust and debris being trapped under keys, coating the circuitry and causing overheating in your machine.

Cleaning your computer not only safeguards you from germs but also protects the computer components and peripherals from locking, seizing, crashing and helps to prevent the build up of dirt, dust, and debris from becoming a major problem.

The environment that your system operates in plays a major part in determining a proper cleaning regimen.  A computer in a home environment should be cleaned approximately every 4-6 months.  If the computer is used by children or is exposed to tobacco smoke or pet hair, it may require more frequent cleaning.

The typical computer system can be cleaned very effectively using solutions available in most major department stores or big box electronic retailers.

Cleaning Tips.

1. Unplug your keyboard and turn it upside down, and give it a vigorous shake to remove dust, dirt, and debris.  Use a soft brush or paintbrush to clean in between the keys.  You can also buy a can of compressed air or use the brush attachment of your vacuum to complete the removal of all remaining dirt.

2. The surface of the keyboard gets particularly dirty.  This can be removed by using a mild cleaning agent or alcohol.  Never put it directly onto the keyboard surface, but put it onto a soft cloth and, using your finger, clean the keys.  A cotton swab can be moistened with cleaning fluid to clean between the keys. Allow your keyboard to dry thoroughly and plug it back in.

3. The computer tower or desktop unit can be cleaned using the same method, but be sure to always unplug and isolate from the power supply.  Monitors – especially the flat screen LED models – nearly always have an anti-glare coating on their screens.  For this reason, only specially formulated screen cleaning solutions should be used.

It is strongly recommended that you use a professional computer service company to clean and remove dust and dirt from the inside of your machine.  Static build-up and the sensitive equipment inside need special attention.  SkilTech offers a complete cleaning of your system, at your location, for just $19.95.  Call us TODAY at 410-996-0040 to set up your appointment!

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