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Web Design Mistakes That Kill Business

The process of getting people to your website requires investments of both time and money.  The last thing you want is for these investments to start paying off by driving visitors to your site, only to find out that they’re not coming back.  Avoiding some simple web design mistakes will help prevent the painful realization that not having an online presence might be better than one that’s just making potential customers angry.

The home page sounds like the company’s resume.
Most visitors are arriving at the site looking for a solution to a problem. Content that sounds like a business is just patting itself on the back will have them headed elsewhere fast. Instead, direct the content on these pages toward what the website can do for the visitor. If you really want to boast about your company, save it for the “About Us” page.

A slow loading splash page.
Searchers are already impatient, so making them wait through a splash page, which does nothing to inform them, isn’t a great way to start the relationship.  You can put a skip option on the page; however, that just gives viewers the impression that the intro isn’t important if they can bypass it all together.  In that case, why are you making them watch it?  Instead, skip the splash page completely and direct visitors to a page which explains that they have found what they’re looking for.

Hiding content that’s relevant to visitors’ search terms or skipping it altogether.
Visitors, especially if they’re new to the site, will make a fast assumption that they’re in the wrong place  if they’re unable to find the content they came looking for.  Instead, be certain that your content, headers, etc. are relevant to their search term.

Taking a “kitchen sink” approach to page content.
Throwing everything you’ve got at your visitors stands a much better chance of disorienting them than selling them something they weren’t looking for initially. Instead, keep your pages simple and directed at the search terms that are driving visitors to them.

Using fonts that don’t look professional.
The quality of your content will not matter if it looks like it’s been written with a pink crayon. It’s fine if you’re blogging about your cat, but using it on a B2B or B2C site isn’t going to work. Instead, use one of the fonts that will give it a professional appearance.

Pages that are too long.
If pages require a user to keep scrolling down due to the length of the text, your potential customer will be more likely to lose interest and leave the site.  Instead, summarize what’s important for each page and give the option to read more on another page.

Having multiple navigation menus.
Websites with more than one menu can get confusing.  Viewers may not see a second menu and then may not find what they are looking to for.  Instead, consolidate multiple menus into one organized place on the page.

Having sound effects.
Sound effects not only distract visitors of the site, but could also turn them away completely.  While some people may find it entertaining, others may never return to your site.  Instead, leave out the sound effects so potential customers will visit the site again.

Having too much clutter on the home page.
Many businesses want to list everything that they feel is important, and want seen, on the home page.  Unfortunately, too much content on the home page will actually make the more important things stand out less.  Instead, decide what is most important on the home page and leave the rest for the content pages.  Remember that’s why the rest of the website is there.

Understanding these important DON’Ts will help prevent driving potential business to your competitor.

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