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How to NOT Miss Posts by Your Favorite Facebook Pages

don-t_likeWhen you decided to “Like” a Facebook page, it was probably because you wanted to get all the information that product, band, personality, or organization was publishing. But did you know that Facebook limits posts from those pages to the extent that only an average of 16% of people who “Like” a page will see a particular item that’s been posted? It’s all part of Facebook’s revenue generating plan in which they offer to deliver posts to all of a Page’s fans, but at a substantial cost. If you’re General Motors, that cost is just small part of the overall marketing budget. But if you’re a local business, it’s neither practical or cost-effective.

There is, however, a way that you can be sure you don’t miss any of the information that you want. And here’s how – “Get Notifications”.



Notifications alert you user every time a page you “Like”  makes a post – just like you’re alerted when a friend posts to your timeline or makes a comment on one of your posts. Notifications are a great way to stay in touch with all that a brand is posting.

To Activate Notifications for a Page:

  1. Navigate to the Page on Facebook.
  2. Like” the Page and continue hovering over the “Like” button
  3. When the drop down menu appears, select “Get Notifications” (see above)

Viewing Notifications

Notifications alerts of a new post will appear in your Facebook Notification area.  A red square with the number of new notifications that you have not yet viewed appears at the top of your Facebook page.

Simply click on the button to see all your notifications, and then click on one to go to view that the full post.


You can now be sure that you won’t miss a think from that Page you “Liked”!

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